Black Sea Environmental Data Platform (BS e-DataPlatform)


The Water Quality Database (WQDB), initiated under the auspices of the EMBLAS project, stands as a leading repository designed for collating and analyzing water quality data pertaining to the entire Black Sea region. By integrating modern technologies and methodologies, it aligns seamlessly with the principles and approaches of European directives, especially the WFS (Water Frame Directive) and MSFD (Marine Strategy Framework Directive). The data access interface is available here.

Development History:

Content & Data Features:

The WQDB caters to an extensive range of water quality indicators, in line with the descriptors of the MSFD EU directive. This encompasses:

Functional Capabilities:

The WQDB is more than a mere data reservoir. It embodies an analytical powerhouse, complete with:

Expansion & Integration:

Though originally conceptualized for EMBLAS project, the WQDB has expanded to accommodate data from a spectrum of projects, including ANEMONE and BRIDGE-BS. Moreover, it archives invaluable historical water quality records from a myriad of organizations focused on the Black Sea region.


Engineered for effortless navigation, the WQDB offers a user-friendly online interface, enabling stakeholders to easily tap into the vast water quality datasets of the Black Sea. In essence, the WQDB, birthed during the EMBLAS project, has evolved into Black Sea Environmental Data Platform (BS e-DataPlatform) - an essential instrument for gauging, interpreting, and preserving the intricate water quality dynamics of the Black Sea, harmonizing past and present data to guide future sustainable endeavors.